I'm Officially A College Graduate

Two degrees, two internships, six freelance digital marketing jobs, and five jobs.

The past three-and-a-half years have been full of ups and downs. I went from food service at a sports bar to working for the company that owns the location where that sports bar resides. I interned for a celebrity stylist and worked on sets at Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. I signed freelance contracts and ran social media accounts for clients around the world. In the time since I graduated high school in June 2015, I’ve had my fair share of adventures and spent time in a variety of different industries.

Throughout my time working, I was a full-time student. In March 2017, I received my Associates Degree in Digital Marketing. I took the summer off and then began my next schooling program in August 2017. As of December 2018, I have officially completed my studies and received my Bachelor’s Degree in PR/Advertising: Strategic Communications. In the process of receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I landed a job in sports and entertainment in August 2018. It’s safe to say that I plan on staying in Los Angeles for the time being and exploring everything else that this city has to offer.

In 2018, I was able to visit four new ballparks and my mission to visit all 30 ballparks before I’m 30 is one-third of the way completed. I definitely plan on expanding my list in 2019 and continuing to achieve my goal.

In terms of my blog, I’ve decided that I want to separate my personal posts from my baseball ones. I’ve purchased a new domain name and have acquired all the social handles for my new baseball website. Now that I’m officially done with school, I’m beginning to work on the branding aspect of the new site, as well as designing my new logo. I plan on launching this baseball blog in January 2019.

In addition, I’d like to start offering my digital marketing services to freelance clients again as we reach the new year. As I was taking six classes this past semester, I got used to always being busy and that feeling is one that I truly enjoy. I’m hoping to fill the void that homework has left me with more work. In my personal opinion, I can never be too busy and life is a constant hustle.

Lastly, I hope to start creating more content for this blog and I’d like to get back into the rhythm of posting on a set schedule. This will be my last post for 2018 — aside from a possible yearly highlights post — but I can’t wait until 2019 and am excited to share more of my life with you.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you had a great 2018.

See you in 2019! xo